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January, 2018

Happy New Year! The best gift for me this season is that we have found our director for HELLS CANYON. Catriona McKenzie is now attached and I couldn't be more thrilled to put this story in her hands.

Catriona recently served as a director's attachment on Ridley Scott's ALIEN: CONVENANT and just wrapped on the first season of ABC & Screen Australia's KIKI & KITTY. A prolific television director, Catriona's first film, SATTELITE BOY, screened at the 2012 Toronto International Film Festival as part of the Discovery Program.

I had a very tall order for a director, especially on such a small budget. She had to 1) Be a woman 2) Have previously directed a feature 3) Be great with actors and directing children 4) Have a strong visual sensibility 5) Be comfortable shooting in a wilderness environment. Catriona meets all of these criteria in spades and I know she's going to deliver a stunning film. There are still so many pieces that have to fall into place but this is a big step forward for us.

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