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Rebel Heart

February, 2017

I recently had the opportunity to attend a two-day film production workshop in Denver, led by Writer/Director Diane Bell and Producer Chris Byrne. They are the creative forces behind Rebel Heart Film—a growing independent film movement that enables artists to take back their power and make films that come from the heart without waiting around for or depending upon a studio system to make it happen.

I had seen Diane’s films and known about their work for a while but never got the chance to connect while they were in Los Angeles. Now, with my own film ready to raise financing, it seemed like the perfect opportunity to learn what I should be doing (and not doing) as I take this project into the next creative phase.

I can’t recommend this workshop highly enough to anyone who is tired of waiting for permission, opportunities or money and who just wants to create something personal and meaningful. I often feel on the fringe in my creative endeavors but that weekend I felt surrounded by kindred artists and affirmed in my decision to go my own way with HELLS CANYON. I’m clear about what happens next and am so excited to forge my path through this cinematic wilderness.

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